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My Organic School

My Organic School is an organisation that distribute organic fruit and vegetables to families in Sydney via school co-operatives.  In order to create new markets, and grow the business, My Organic School founder, david Walsman, employed Digital Video Lab to create a video that would engage with Families of school aged children, and encourage them to create a veggie co-op at their own school.

It was vital to tell a story that resonated with both children, and their parents, focusing on the benefits of organic eating to the health of young children.  We focused our attention on parents of existing co-ops, because we knew that they were highly engaged, and eager to share their experiences.  We let these parents explain why the co-op works for them and the benefits of becoming a member.  We knew that these voices would resonate with other parents, without coming across as a sales pitch. It was important to make these interviewees feel relaxed (none of them had ever done an interview on camera before).  So we set up camera’s and just started a conversation.  We let them pack the boxes, catching them in their normal routine and place, so that they felt at ease, and could communicate their ideas as normally as possible.

We then interviewed David Walsman, the founder of My Organic School, for commentary around how the co-ops worked, and elements around how the structure of the co-op would function – showing him as the expert in his field.

Finally we knew that we had to hit people visually, so we shot a heap of close up shots of the beautiful organic fruit and vegetables, showing precisely what customers would be getting in their organic box each week.

From David’s past experience, we knew that most of the school communities connected via group facebook pages, so we focused on getting as many organic shares across this platform.  Within 2 weeks, the video had been shared over 5,000 times…and was viewed over 40,000 times within 3 months.

My Organic School signed up 15 new Schools as a direct result of the video, which has allowed the organisation to expand to new areas within the Sydney metropolitan area, with plans to expand even further.



We produce a longer video designed to tell a deeper, more detailed story.  This video tells the why, who and how of your business.  It lets potential customers see behind the scenes, and allows them to connect and trust your business.  It also allows you to engage on a deeper level with existing customers and followers.  This longer video is usually positioned front and centre of your website.

My Organic School is a new start-up business aiming to make affordable organic food available to every school child.
This promotional video gives the viewer an insight into why eating healthy is so important for young children, and how easy it can be.  The business model is based on creating school communities, so video has been a large part of the digital marketing mix to spring board this concept.


We create up to 20 unique shorter social edits – ranging from 10-60 secs. from the footage compiled on your shoot day.  This provides you with a whole bunch of content to keep your audience excited and informed.  These edits can be formatted to any size – depending on the use and digital platform – eg: Widescreen for Facebook Ads, square for Instagram Ads, even portrait versions for Insta Stories.


Say goodbye to boring, stock images…with these incredible unique and individual photographs that showcase your business to your audience.

We export up to 100+ still images from the video footage captured on your shoot day.  These images are perfect for use across your website, to visually tell your story.  These images can then also be used across your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or used in email campaigns, to inform, and engage your customers and followers. 

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