Our clients talk about the shoot experience.  

Did you like your video? Was it worth it? Did it bring you results?  Has it improved your business?  Would you do it again?

To produce the video content for Forster Yoga Studio, we interviewed 5 of the yoga instructors including the owner of the studio – Mia Tycehurst. Each interview lasts about 10 minutes.  It’s more of a conversation than an interview / interrogation.  We like to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.  We simply turn the cameras on, and then have a conversation.  We probe and ask relevant questions that your customers would probably want to know…the more relaxed and at ease the person being interviewed is, the better and more personal the responses will be, and in turn, the more the audience will enjoy, and relate to what is being said.

We then let the instructors do their thing…we shot a number of the instructors taking their yoga class and instructing students.  Once again, each instructor has their own style, and we just let them go and record what we see.  We try to let things evolve and happen as they really would, trying to keep our camera operator out of the way as much as possible.  What this achieves is realistic and engaging footage, an audience can tell when things are set up, and they relate to settings that are authentic.

After we complete the shoot, we then have a ton of great content to craft the final video.  The edit is like panning for gold, and we simply remove any content that is not awesome.  Slowly but surely, the cream rises to the top, and we are left with around 3 minutes of footage that best tells the story.  That’s not to say that the rest of the footage not used is rubbish…far from it!  This unused content is then transformed into smaller little snippets, for use in a whole variety of shorter social media edits.  We can produce up to 30 individual files for you to use in social posts, or digital advertising.

Finally, we then extract still images from the video footage.  We shoot high bit rate, HD and 4K footage – meaning that the images you get are great quality, and can be used in all your digital platforms like on your website, across social media, or in electronic marketing like emails.  From a typical full day shoot, we can supply around 100+ still images – that’s months worth of social media posts to keep your audience connected and engaged.



We produce a longer, feature video designed to tell a deeper, more detailed story.  This video tells the why, who and where of the business.  It lets potential customers see behind the scenes, and allows them to connect and trust your business.  It also allows you to engage on a deeper level with existing customers and followers.  This longer video is usually positioned front and centre of your website.


We create up to 20 unique shorter social edits – ranging from 10-60 secs. from the footage compiled on your shoot day.  This provides you with a whole bunch of content to keep your audience excited and informed.  these edits can be formatted to any size – depending on the use and digital platform – eg: Widescreen for Facebook Ads, square for Instagram Ads, even portrait versions for Insta Stories.


Say goodbye to boring, stock images…with these incredible unique and individual photographs that showcase your business to your audience.
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