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College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy

To produce the video content for CECAT (College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy), we were present at their Sydney 2 day certificate course as it ran.  We recorded much of the live interaction between Rob – the director of CECAT, and his students, as well as his instruction and tutorial content.  As the class tasks were set, we would quietly wander the room, and shoot various students as they went about completing tasks, shooting close up footage of the actual artwork, and the processes they went through.  We would also interview the students as they were in the middle of these artistic tasks, and have a conversation about the process, and their thought process.

Seperate interviews were recorded at various times, where more in depth questions were asked.  We interviewed several students about this present course, that is being completed, as well as certain students being asked about previous courses.  As is our usual practice, we set up the interview area with lighting, sound recording and cameras.  We then bring in the interviewee, press record and then just ease into a normal conversation.  We like to make our interview subjects feel relaxed in order to get the most personal, and realistic answers possible.  We ask questions from the point of view of a new potential pupil.  Someone who has a limited knowledge and understanding of the course.  We try to get the people being interviewed to describe things as they would to a person they have met at a dinner party – in a friendly, easy going nature.  This generates a feeling of trust, and understanding within the viewer.

Our aim when it came to constructing the edit, was to give several different angles of the Art Therapy course to give the viewer a more rounded understanding of what can be expected if they were to sign up.  We wanted Rob Gray, the director of CECAT to give his ideas on what he wanted pupils to take away.  We talked with students who came from different backgrounds, both personally, and professionally.

With more than 6 hours of footage taken, and collated during the edit process for the main film, we then went and constructed 4 further shorter videos for use on other pages of the CECAT website.  These other shorter videos gave potential students insight into online study options, past student experiences, as well as a range of possibilities for employment options once completing the course.  All of these seperate videos had a very similar look and feel to the original feature video – thus giving all video content on the website a harmonious campaign tone.



We produce a longer, feature video designed to tell a deeper, more detailed story.  This video tells the why, who and where of the business.  It lets potential customers see behind the scenes, and allows them to connect and trust your business.  It also allows you to engage on a deeper level with existing customers and followers.  This longer video is usually positioned front and centre of your website.


CECAT wanted 4 other shorter videos to give greater clarity and detail to other areas of their course offering.  We created content around remote – online study, more in depth continued study options, as well as an “about us” video on founder Rob Ray and his previous experience.  All of these videos were produced with a similar look and feel to the longer feature video.


We supplied over 150 seperate professional high resolution photographs taken from the video footage to CECAT for use in EDM, and on their website.
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