We produce a longer video designed to tell a deeper, more detailed story.  This video tells the why, who and how of your business.  It lets potential customers see behind the scenes, and allows them to connect and trust your business.  It also allows you to engage on a deeper level with existing customers and followers.  This longer video is usually positioned front and centre of your website.

Palms Micro Bakery believe in time honoured tradition.  They believe that the simple things are the best.  You can’t rush perfection.  They produce bread the old fashioned way, the way it was intended…
They source their own chemical free wheat direct from the farmer.  Their sourdough mother or culture has been nurtured for years.
Because they take so much time, and pride themselves on their traditional methods, it was essential to tell their story to the world – to inform and educate their customers on why they are the best, and what makes them unique.


We create up to 20 unique shorter social edits – ranging from 10-60 secs. from the footage compiled on your shoot day.  This provides you with a whole bunch of content to keep your audience excited and informed.  These edits can be formatted to any size – depending on the use and digital platform – eg: Widescreen for Facebook Ads, square for Instagram Ads, even portrait versions for Insta Stories.


Say goodbye to boring, stock images…with these incredible unique and individual photographs that showcase your business to your audience.

We export up to 100+ still images from the video footage captured on your shoot day.  These images are perfect for use across your website, to visually tell your story.  These images can then also be used across your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, or used in email campaigns, to inform, and engage your customers and followers. 

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